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DDD East Anglia

Cambridge, UK
Saturday 29 June 2013


Ashic Mahtab Ashic Mahtab

Ashic is a .NET consultant based in London and an ASP.NET / IIS MVP since 2009. His experience ranges from real time fault monitoring systems to working for Her Majesty at Parliamentary ICT. When not messing about with code, he can be found moderating or having a rant on twitter. He is passionate about software design, messaging, DDD, CQRS, Event Sourcing and almost anything to do with software, and often blabbers about those things at various user groups and conferences. He is also the founder of the London ZeroMQ User Group.


Ben Hall Ben Hall

Startup founder, polyglot programmer developing using a combination of Node.js, JavaScript, Ruby, iOS and C#. Passionate about exploring, sharing and educating others in new and emerging technologies and development practices. Frequently found tweeting (@Ben_Hall) and drinking tea while trying to look busy.


Chris O'Dell Chris O'Dell

Chris O’Dell is a Lead Developer at one of London’s premier digital download companies, 7digital, where she heads up the API team. With a passion for Test Driven Development, Continuous Delivery and Agile development practices, Chris is building a name for herself on London speaking circuit.


Dave Sussman Dave Sussman

Dave has been a writer, trainer and code monkey for most of his life. His programming career is older than some people he knows. Come to think of it, his toaster is older than some people he knows. He's been doing ASP.NET since the very beginning and spends most of his current life working for Gibraltar Software, working on their new Loupe Web application. On Sundays he can be found at The National Museum of Computing at Bletchley Park, playing with old computers.


David Simner David Simner

I started playing with computers when I stuffed sweets into my parents' floppy disk drive when I was 5. They weren't happy. When I was 10, I progressed onto something much more fun: coding!

After a brief stint pretending to be an academic, I returned to what I love. For the past 4 years I've been a software developer at Red Gate.

There have been lots of mistakes and learning along the way, but that’s what makes it fun: I now know that “Minimally Viable” includes writing the clean-up code, because otherwise you’ll spend nearly a grand on Amazon S3 before anybody notices; luckily my boss was forgiving.

In my spare time I try to convince my train-obsessed friends to give up their obsession, and despite claiming not to be able to cook, I “product manage” my partner's Fair Trade Cook Book website.


George Adamson George Adamson

An accomplished front-end dev, design architect and UX evangelist, George has tackled apps and web sites ranging from Dyson to Doctor Who, getting immersed in all aspects of Information Architecture, Interaction Design and Ideation. He strives to edge clients towards Institutional Usability.

From time to time George pops off to speak at conferences and user groups, typically on jQuery, Advanced JS shenanigans, Responsive Web Design and Interaction Design, about which he's rather obsessive.

Currently kicking the mobile and ui tyres of and Recent projects include Vodafone, Detica, Dyson US, Intrinsic's ATR app for iPad, Avelo mobile apps, BBC Doctor Who, Nationwide, HMV, Waterstones.


Ian Russell Ian Russell

Experienced provider of simplicity, order and common-sense to complex OLTP solutions. Passionate about learning from others and giving back to the community. Paid to write C# and SQL, lover of node.js and NoSql.


Isaac Abraham Isaac Abraham

Isaac has been a .NET developer since the days of .NET 1.0. Having worked across several industries and kept up with changing methodologies and development practices, he works these days as a freelance software consultant, trying to help teams lower the cost of development whilst improving quality of deliverables, through use of best practices, better tooling and frameworks. He also does some .NET development from time to time, primarily in C#, but spends and more and more these time days in F#.


Joel Hammond-Turner Joel Hammond-Turner

Joel works as a Technical Lead for Landmark, and is currently bringing his 20 years of experience of software development and a passion for both technology and elegance to designing a world-class applications for the property information and risk management sectors.

He has presented sessions on using NuGet for enterprise software development at DDDSW 4.0 and DDDNorth 2, and is responsible for the the open source NuGet.PackageNPublish tooling project.

Outside of work he referees life with his wife and three young children in a home with more computers than is probably wise, but is really looking forward to teaching his boys Python now they've mastered Scratch on their Raspberry Pi.

Joel can shoot video too, responsible for the filming and editing of the entirety of the DDD WP7 event in Manchester in 2010.


Liam Westley Liam Westley

Liam Westley is an Application Architect at Huddle where he works with some of the best .Net developers and UX designers to deliver world class collaboration software. He quite likes working just off Old Street as there is some fantastic food and coffee to be had within a few minutes walk.

Previous to Huddle Liam worked at Criteria MX, a digital media startup and has worked as a consultant via his own company Tiger Computer Services Ltd, specialising in software for Broadcast Television. His Niagara SMS moderation system was used by QVC UK for eight years to display SMS messages from viewers, live, on screen. Liam is also responsible for the ticketing system for Hat Trick Productions which provides e-tickets to shows such as Have I Got New For You and Room 101.

Liam has worked for chellomedia, GMTV, BSkyB, SmashedAtom and Original Thinking Group. In his time he created the first in house weather system for Sky News using Visual Basic 1.0, acted as architect for two general election systems, project managed the launch of the GMTV web site, was key to delivering the first interactive television chat service in the UK for BSkyB and helped launch the first live shopping channels in the Netherlands.


Randolph Burt Randolph Burt

By Day: Technical Lead at Advanced Health & Care.
By Night: Wannabe games developer - specifically interested in MonoGame.


Rob Ashton Rob Ashton

Rob can eat three pizzas in 15 minutes, down a pint of Guinness in less than 4 seconds and has been known to occasionally write code in between these dangerous eating and drinking binge sessions.

Originally hailing from a small island in Europe (Isle of Man), living on a slightly larger island for a few years (England), he spent a stint out in Belgium before travelling the world and working for free before returning to London to have a play at the start-up life for a while.

He is a freelance developer who gets paid to help developers do better things, doesn't really care about one framework/language or another and prefers to spend his time outside of this building awful games for the browser for fun and for learning.


Tomas Petricek Tomas Petricek

Tomas is a long-time F# enthusiast, Microsoft MVP and author of a book Real-World Functional Programming which explains functional programming concepts using C# 3.0 and teaching F# alongside. He writes a programming blog and is an active member of the F#unctional Londoners group. Together with Phil Trelford, he leads functional programming and F# courses in London and New York. He contributed to the development of F# as an intern and contractor at Microsoft Research in Cambridge. Before starting PhD at Cambridge, he studied in Prague and worked as an independent .NET consultant.